Save up to $1200 per year for a family of four

  • About 14% of the food American households purchase ends up in the garbage, creating an annual loss of about $790 for the average household or $1200 for a household of four.* While both essential for life, air and moisture are the enemies of fresh food!  Moisture and air that interact with your food can cause bacteria, mold, and mildew to accumulate while in storage, spoiling your food before you’ve even had a chance to eat it.
  • Vacuum sealing your food extends its shelf life up to 5x longer than conventional grocery storage methods* and preserves its natural great taste by removing the air that would normally cause it to spoil.  It slows the growth of bacteria, keeps out mold and mildew, prevents freezer burn, and keeps moisture away from items that must be stored dry.

  • Now you can help your family save money, reduce waste, and eat healthy by sealing in freshness with the Ziploc® Vacuum Sealer System, a line of high quality, high value vacuum sealers, vacuum seal bags and food vacuum sealer refill rolls that will keep your foods fresher, longer.


  • The Ziploc® Vacuum Sealer System works with our specially designed Ziploc® vacuum freezer bags and rolls. Simply place your food or valuables into any size vacuum bag and insert the open end into the vacuum sealer (Ziploc vacuum bags are available in gallon, quart and pint size)
  • The Ziploc vacuum sealer begins by removing air from the bag using a specially designed vacuum pump system, pulling the air from the bag while not allowing any additional air to enter. The plastic of the bag will wrap around the contents, giving it a “second skin”, making it clear when all of the air has been removed from the bag. The vacuum bag is then ready to be sealed.
  • The vacuum sealer will then seal the bag to prevent air and moisture from getting back inside. The Ziploc® Vacuum Sealer Food Saver System’s heated seal bar presses the bag closed, and then applies the right amount of heat to melt the plastic of the bag. The melting process is so precise it doesn’t burn the plastic, but instead creates an airtight seal that can’t be pulled apart. Once a Ziploc® Brand vacuum bag has been sealed, the only way to reopen the bag is to cut beneath the seal.